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100% Money Back Guarantee

You are in safe hands. We offer a 100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.

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Payment due immediately? Not with us! We offer you flexible payment plans.

Personal accompaniment

On site, you will be accompanied to each appointment by one of our German/English-speaking experts.

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Hidden costs? Not with us! During the process you will not incur any additional costs!

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A successful start is important to us! That is why we are there for you even after the company has been founded.

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1. Request Appointment

Fill out the contact form. One of our experts will get back to you within 24h. 

2. Initial Consultation

We advise you in a non-binding and free consultation.

3. Company Incorporation

Wir gründen Ihre Firma in Dubai, und übersenden Ihnen alle Dokumente.

4. Visa/Bank account

After receiving all documents we will meet you in Dubai to start the visa process and open your bank account.

What our clients say:​

Over 400 satisfied entrepreneurs

Alex Berezovskyi

Digital Marketing Agency

“I was looking for an experienced corporate companion from Dubai for a long time. With Amin, this wish has now come true, because the all-inclusive package has given me no more concerns for this! The excellent advice beforehand and the freedom to always choose me for the latest corporate trends is the icing on the cake!”

Lukas Kulemeier

E-Commerce & Marketing

“Absolute top consulting from the beginning! Very customer-oriented, professional approach. Always helpful and available.

The visa process was absolutely flawless and the cost structure of Mr. Derag is excellent. Anyone dealing with the topic of Dubai should seek advice here. Thank you very much!”

Manfred R


“I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Derag to start my business in Dubai and of course I would like to thankfully share my experience.

I must say that I was impressed from the very beginning. Communication was prompt and clear, and I felt that I had a point of contact whenever I had questions.”

Long-term success:

More than just company formations

We understand that it can be a challenging task to establish a company in a foreign country, but with our expertise and experience, the process will be easy, fast and most importantly legally sound for you. 

With us it does not end with the incorporation of the company. It is very important to us that your company bears fruit in the future. We are always available as a long-term partner for you in the UAE – contact us today to start your company formation!

Company formation in under a week

You are in a hurry? We establish your company within a few days, without any additional costs. 

German quality service provider

You value German neatness, punctuality and quality? Then you are right with us! Our German-speaking team ensures that you lack nothing!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We attach the highest importance to quality and neatness. You are not satisfied? Take advantage of our money back guarantee!

Legally compliant foundation

Start a company and 0% taxes? It is not that simple. Even if many claim so. With us you do not need to be afraid of dangerous half-knowledge. We guarantee that you will receive honest advice on the subject of taxes. 

Guaranteed bank account opening

Problems with the bank account? We will find a solution. Thanks to our long-term relationships with our partner banks, we offer you an opening guarantee when you open your bank account.

Benefits of a Dubai incorporation

Discover the advantages of incorporation in Dubai 

0% tax rate

Dubai offers a tax-friendly environment with 0% income tax, corporate tax and VAT, making it an attractive location.

100% anonymity

Dubai offers companies the opportunity to keep their incorporation anonymous, protecting the privacy of investors and owners.

Minimal bureaucracy

Dubai offers a business-friendly environment with minimal administrative burden and quick approval processes for company formation.

Maximum quality of life

Dubai offers a high quality of life, a safe environment, modern infrastructure and a variety of leisure activities for business people and their families.


Company formation procedure


Free consultation

30-60 Minutes

Every company formation or emigration is individual, therefore we would like to get to know you personally in a free conversation in order to find a solution together. The conversation is absolutely non-binding for you.


Onboarding Process

24 Hours

After a concept for your startup has been worked out, onboarding can be started. You will receive access to our portal. There you can see which documents are required from you, and upload them there securely. 


Company incorporation

3-5 Days

Now we establish your company. Since we are locally based in Dubai, your presence is not necessary for this. Depending on the legal form it takes 3-5 days until we receive the official trade licenses. 


Visa application in Dubai

1-4 Days

Congratulations! Your company is now incorporated. The next step is to apply for your Investor Visa (eVisa). Before you enter the country, we will provide you with the appropriate document to present to the border authorities in Dubai.


Arrival in Dubai

5 Days

Welcome to Dubai! Now you can enter Dubai as an investor. You will be picked up personally by us and we will accompany you personally to all official procedures. In Dubai you have to pass a medical check. This process takes less than 2 hours.


Visa & Emirates ID

1 Day

After you are declared healthy, your visa will be issued, and your Emirates ID will be printed. During this time you can relax on the beach and explore Dubai. We will take care of everything. 


Opening of Bank Account

2-7 Days

Congratulations! You now have all the necessary documents that entitle you to open a private and business bank account in Dubai. Don’t worry, we will support you here too! 

Frequently asked questions


How long does it take to set up a company in Dubai?

Basically, you should plan on 3-5 days for setting up a company. If a visa is also required, a visit to Dubai by the applicant is indispensable. Depending on the type of company, a stay of approx. 7 days is then necessary. Of which you will only need one day. The authorities need the rest of the time to issue the documents. Meanwhile, you can spend a few sunny days in Dubai while we take care of the rest.

Do I have to visit the country to set up a company?

Whether a visit to Dubai is necessary depends entirely on the type of company and whether you have been to the UAE before. In the case of a foundation in a free zone, no entry is necessary. We take care of the whole thing for you!

Do I necessarily need a visa for setting up a company in Dubai?

Whether you need a visa depends on the purpose of your company. For example, if you plan to open a bank account for your company in the future, applying for a visa and Emirates ID is essential. However, you can also set up your company without applying for a visa.

What is an Emirates ID

An Emirates ID is a national identity card for citizens and foreign residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is equivalent to the identity card of your country. It is therefore an electronic card that contains unique identification features and information about the holder. The Emirates ID serves as an important proof of citizenship and residency status and is required in many situations, including banking, business formation, government affairs and more.

What is the difference between Freezone and Mainland?

The difference between mainland and freezone companies in the UAE is that mainland companies operate under the jurisdiction of federal law and must follow domestic business practices, while freezone companies operate in specially created economic zones and have their own rules and regulations. We will be happy to advise you on
which form of company makes the most sense for you.

Important: A mainland company will be subject to 9% VAT from June 2023. Freezones offer a tax rate of 0%.

Do I need an office for my company in Dubai?

Whether you need an office depends first of all on your own needs, of course. As a rule of thumb, however, no office is necessary at first. However, there are freezones that absolutely require one. Furthermore, it can also be that banks require an office. However, there are ways around this. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Will my wife/child(ren) also get a visa if I start a company in Dubai?

Yes, it is possible for your loved ones to also receive a visa. This process is called “sponsorship”. Visa sponsorship of family members in Dubai refers to the process whereby an employee or a company takes responsibility for their spouse, children, or parents to enable them to obtain a valid residence permit in the UAE. This requires, for example, the marriage/birth certificate to be authenticated with various authorities in the home country.

Are there taxes in Dubai?

There are no personal income or capital gains taxes in Dubai.
However, there are specific taxes for particular industries and activities, such as hotel accommodation taxes, tobacco taxes, and other special taxes on goods. There is also a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 5% (from June 2023 – 9%) levied on certain goods and services above a turnover of approximately USD100,000.

Do I need to be resident in Dubai to set up a company?

No. Residency in the UAE is not necessary to incorporate a company, but it would make sense from a tax perspective. However, you can be resident in another country while your
company is based in the UAE.

Amin Derag, the expert in company formation in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, provides an outstanding full service.

Company formation, business consulting, visa applications, bank account opening, sponsorship services and much more make Amin Derag the best place to go when it comes to tax-free company formation, with more than 300 successful clients.


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